Why a TOGAF Certification Matters!


The Open Group Architecture Framework, better known as TOGAF, is a high level framework for enterprise architecture that delivers a basis for designing, planning, implementing and governing enterprise information technology architecture. Developers and Technical leads everywhere are taking the TOGAF certification exam to move up the architect positions, and architects take the certification exam to obtain senior positions. Mobility is one of the primary factors employees look for in their careers; TOGAF provides them with this opportunity and more.

How can being TOGAF Certified be of value to you? We’ll tell you.

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1.Demand is Sky-Rocketing


Since its release, TOGAF has been regularly at the top of the most in-demand skills with an above-average pay premium for IT professionals with an understanding of the framework. TOGAF certified professionals are increasingly sought out by recruiters and professionals in Enterprise Architecture. It is found that TOGAF certification is highly beneficial as it leads to improved productivity and effectiveness, ultimately leading TOGAF Certification into a requirement rather than a preference for many high-level EA positions. The certification continues to gain in market value, too. The top 10 companies with TOGAF certified IT professionals were BP, CapgeminiCGICiscoDeloitteHPIBMOracleTata Consultancy Services, and Wipro. TOGAF is increasing in popularity across the world. Hundreds of organizations have , within IT and beyond it as well. UK is currently leading as the country with the highest number of TOGAF certified professionals (16%), followed by 13% in the US.

2. The Benefits GREATLY Exceed the Costs


Most certification exams will cost you an average of $1,000, with TOGAF as the outlier costing you as little as $320 for the Foundation exam, and $495 for both exams simultaneously (this is the most cost-effective way). You can either enroll in a TOGAF course which typically runs for four days for about $3000 (including the exam), or you can simply study on your own or pay for just the tests. As we all know in the laws of economics, as demand increases, so does price, so the best time to register for your TOGAF exams is NOW.

3. Top Jobs and Top Compensation

As we mentioned previously, TOGAF exams are increasing in demand as firms are realizing its value in fixing their current, problematic architecture. The realization wasn’t slight, in fact, TOGAF application saw a 25% increase in merely six months. TOGAF has been shortlisted as one of the highest paying certifications for IT in 2015. Ultimately, it’s been proven that acquiring a TOGAF certification is a great investment in your skills and your future. Check out the graph below showing the average salary of TOGAF Certified Professionals in the US:

4. Meet Organization Demands More Effectively, and Advance!


One of the main goas of the TOGAF framework is to better enable professionals to meet the demands of their organization more effectively. It provides a structure to identify how the IT budget is being spent, and finding areas where it could be spent more effectively. The framework also teaches professionals how and where teams within the firm have the potential to work together better. Through identifying how different aspects of the business align, you are able to identify how business processes can be streamlined. This results in reduced cost and friction, yielding more efficient departments within the firm, and a more efficient organization overall. TOGAF can give you the ability to take on the role as the simplifier in your business and is a great way to impress managers and directors as its insight hard to come by.

Also, being that TOGAF is a globally recognized certification, it fosters increased trust from your customers, employees and colleagues. Getting certified increases your reputation and demonstrates your high-level skills. If you’re interested in learning more about the value of TOGAF certification, and how you can get certified, join us for our FREE Tech-Talk with a leading professional in the field, Nasser El-Batal on Thursday April 13th, 2017 at 12PM Eastern Standard Time. The topic will be: A Practitioners Guide to TOGAF Frameworks, and will cover:

How do you choose the appropriate framework for enterprise architecture? What should be your criteria based on which you define what is best for your organization? This session will take you through the process of how TOGAF meets most of the criteria and is suitable for most kinds of organizations (corporations, governments, nonprofit, etc.) and businesses (healthcare, financial services, governmental, etc.)

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