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14 February 2020: Elon Musk – Beauty and The Beast of AI

5 February 2020: Richard St. John – What Leads to Success?

31 January 2020: Richard Branson on the trying new things

17 January 2020: Bill Gates on reading

1 January 2020: Paul Siegel on TechBytes


17 February 2020: Maurice Conti – The incredible inventions of intuitive AI

19 February 2020: Sam Harris – Can we build AI without losing control over it?

26 February 2020: Curtis Wong – A preview of the Worldwide Telescope

04 March 2020: Nandan Nilekani – Ideas for India’s future

11 March 2020: John R. Wooden on not letting something get in your way

18 March 2020: Lessons from Mark Twain on the secret of getting ahead



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