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ITIL Framework and Processes

ITIL® is the industry best practice for IT Service Management. It has been in place since the mid-80’s to provide guidance to IT organizations on how to manage IT services throughout their lifecycle to continually deliver value to clients.

With the release of ITIL4,  the global service management best practice has evolved to incorporate all the best practices from previous versions, and has expanded on this body of knowledge by providing a practical and flexible approach to support organizations on their journey to the new world of digital transformation.

This latest version of ITIL provides an end-to-end operating model for the delivery and operation of tech-enabled products and services and enables IT teams to continue to play a crucial role in wider business strategy. This revision also integrates concepts from other industry best practices such as Lean, Agile and DevOps.

In this presentation -- “What’s New in ITIL4” – we work to help you understand the changes introduced with this new update, why it is highly valuable to organizations to meet today’s challenges of increased velocity and agility to meet business demand, and how to plan your own professional certification path within the new version.

Here are some of the things you will be able to understand at the end of this presentation:

  • The challenges of today’s current IT reality
  • What is the ITIL best practice
  • The history of ITIL and why this best practice needed to change
  • How IT Service Management applies in our modern world
  • Indicators of mature service organizations, from both IT and business perspectives
  • How ITIL 4 complements other popular IT best practices, such as Lean, DevOps and Agile
  • The key elements of ITIL4, including:
    • The Service Value System
    • The Service Value Chain
    • The 4 Dimensions of Service Management
    • The Guiding Principles
    • The Management Practices
  • Main differences between ITILv3/2011 and ITIL4
  • The new ITIL® 4 certifications and how best to transition to the new version

Our Supplement

The new edition of ITIL4 is the first major update to ITIL since 2007 and is arguably a response to the emergence of newer service management frameworks such as VeriSM, SIAM and FitSM. It expands the previous version of ITIL V3 (‘ITIL 2011’) and provides a flexible basis to support organizations on their journey to the new world of digital transformation. ITIL4 describes an operating model for the delivery of tech-enabled products and services. The documentation has been completely revised and streamlined to make it easier to read, and enhanced with many practical examples. ITIL4 also reflects recent trends in software development and IT operations, and includes advice on how to apply philosophies such as Agile, DevOps and Lean in the domain of service management.  These are essential new ways of applying and looking at ITIL


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