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What is Google Firebase Introduction and uses

What is Google Firebase Introduction and uses

There are a lot of different technologies out that are meant to help with the server-side of a process. With all of these options, it will make it difficult for developers to determine which one is the best for their needs. One option that you may enjoy using, and will find has many of the features that you need, includes Google Firebase.

What is Google Firebase?

Firebase is one of the best service solutions out there and it is backed by Google so you know it has everything that you need. This solution has had time over the years to grow into a next generation application development platform, giving more options than ever before to those who would like to use it.

Many developers enjoy using Firebase because it is freeing them up from some of the headaches they had in the past while developing the backend of their software or application. Firebase provides many of the tools and services that a developer needs while getting their work done. Developers can instead focus more on creating a great experience within their application for the customers, rather than getting frustrated with all of the coding technical stuff.

For example, Firebase allows developers not to worry about writing out the APis and managing servers. They don’t even need to think about the infrastructure because Firebase comes with all of the tools to get that done for you. Developers can always focus on creating the best application and software for their customers, while being effective to get it done.

The Pricing for Firebase

There are two main pricing options that customers can choose to use. The one you like will depend on how much you plan to use the service and what you plan to go with. There is a free tier that allows developers to try out the service a bit before purchasing, though the services and features will be more limited.

The second tier is the pay as you go one. As soon as you start to scale your app, you will need to move to this second tier. This one is nice though because it only charges you for the services that you use. If there is a service you never use, or rarely use, then you will not pay as much for it.

The Features of Firebase

When it comes to choosing your backend service solution, you want to make sure you find all of the best features to get this done. There are a lot of features that come with Firebase to make your work easier, and some of these include:

  1. Realtime Database: Firebase offers users their own cloud, hosted by NoSQL. This is useful for helping you to store your data and collaborate with other users in real-time, no matter where they are located. Thanks to using just a single API in this, this database will provide you with both the current value of the data, and any update that happens with the data as well.
  2. Cloud Firestore: This is a good document database that you can use to help with storing, syncing, and querying all of your data for your applications globally. This improved data structure will make it easier to scale your application as well.
  3. Hosting: Firebase provides some of the best hosting solutions when it comes to web applications. Developers are able to deploy their applications fast and with a single command.
  4. Cloud storage; Everyone needs cloud storage when it comes to creating the right app for them and Firebase makes sure that you can use a cloud that is easy and efficient.
  5. Authentication: Firebase is supporting a good authentication process so your application is safe and secure to use. You can use this or one of your own login processes to keep things safe.

What are the Benefits of Using Firebase

Along with all of the features, there are many benefits that developers will get when they choose to work with Google Firebase to get their work done. These benefits are what will put this whole program above the rest and helps developers to make an application that their clients actually want. Some of the benefits of choosing Firebase compared to some of the other options include:

First, Firebase has become smarter over the years. Google analytics can capture and store a ton of data, which allows Firebase to use that to provide you with even more of what you need. Developers can then connect with their users easier, and have a variety of tools based on the information that Google Analytics can provide them. You can even see what device type your user is on when opening your app and use that with your developments along the way.

Firebase also allows for quick fixes of the bugs that may show up in your application. Google Firebase has made crash reporting so much easier than it was in the past. This allows you as a developer to find and fix a bug right away, before it interferes with the program too much and makes the client mad.You never need to worry about the application suffering and your clients running off because the program is not working. Firebase helps to find these problems and makes it easier than ever to solve the problem.

The number one benefit of working with Firebase though is it is secure and faster than ever before. Firebase makes your job as a developer easier. It brings all of the tools and services that you need so you can create, deploy, and then manage your new application at fast speeds.

Not only that, the high-quality protocols for security will make this an effective way to not only create the application you need, but also to keep it safe for your clients.

As we can see, there are a lot of great features that come from Google Firebase, and it is one of the best services many developers will like to use for their applications. If you are interested in creating an application and you want to focus more on the user experience and creating something great rather than focusing on the APIs and all the technical backend things, then Firebase is the right option for you.


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