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What and Why React.js Features and pros

What and Why React.js Features and pros

When it comes to creating a front-end web application, there are many choices for a developer to make. Some will use a language the developer prefers and others are easier to use. For those who want a simple to use a library that gets the work done while being simple, easy to convert to a mobile application and uses JavaScript, then ReactJS is one of the best options for you.

What is ReactJS?

React is a great library to use with JavaScript if you would like to build up some of the best user interfaces for single-page applications. Many developers want to use it to handle the view layer for mobile and web apps. React can also allow us to create some of our own UI components that can be reused as necessary.

React was a library for JavaScript that was first created by Jordan Walke, who worked as a software engineer for Facebook at the time. This library was first used on the Facebook newsfeed back in 2011 and then was moved over to work with Instagram in 2012.

React is a great option that any developer is able to use because it helps them to create some really big web applications. These applications will help change any data you would like, without needing to reload the page or worrying about crashing.

The main purpose of using React is to make the application fast, scalable, and simple to use, which are some of the reasons that so many developers like to work with. It will only work on user interface that is inside that specific application. This is going to correspond back to the view of your MVC template, which will make it easier for a developer to watch and track the changes they make.

There are many options that a developer can choose when developing their own web application. But ReactJS is one of the best. It allows the developer to work with JavaScript, which is one of the best online programming languages out there, while also allowing you to adapt the code over to mobile devices as well.

What are Some of the Features of ReactJS?

There are a lot of different features that you can enjoy when it comes to using ReactJS for all of your development needs. Some of these features include:


When you use React, you will use JSX instead of regular JavaScript when doing your templates. This is a simple version of JavaScript that makes it easier to use HTML in the syntax to get the work done. Developers can also use just JavaScript if they are more comfortable with that option.

React Native

React also comes with a few native libraries that provide some of the architecture you need for Android and iOS. This is a mobile app building framework that will rely on JavaScript and helps you take all of your code from your regular web application and translate it into code that works well on your mobile devices as well.

Single-Way Data Flow

Developers who use React will be able to take a set of immutable values and pass them over to the renderer of the component as properties with HTML tags. The components will not be able to modify any of the properties directly, but they are able to pass a callback function and we can use these to complete all of the necessary modifications.

A Virtual Document Object Model

React is a great library to use because it helps us create a virtual document object model. This means that the library will create an in-memory data structure cache which is responsible for computing all of the changes that the developer makes before updating the browser with these changes. The reason this is important is because it allows a special feature for the programmer to code, doing so as if the whole page is rendered on each change, though the library will only do the rendering of components that have actually changed.

Why Use React?

Now that we know a little more about React and why it is an important tool to use, we need to look at some of the benefits of using React. There are a lot of different open-source platforms to use when creating your front-end web application, so why would we want to use React rather than some of the other options out there. Some of the benefits of using React for your web application development include:

  1. It is simple to use: ReactJS is simple to learn right from the beginning. It has a good approach, a well-defined lifecycle, and it uses JavaScript. All of this comes together to make React easy for even beginners to learn how to use.
  2. Easy to learn: If you have ever done anything with programming before, then React will be easier to learn compared to Ember and Angular. Even those without much knowledge of programming can learn and improve their coding skills with this option.
  3. A native approach: React can be used to create some of the mobile applications that you need and it is a huge fan of reusability. This means that reusing extensive amounts of code is supported and encouraged. This means you can create a code all at once that works with Android, iOS, and web applications.
  4. Data binding: React can use one-way data binding and Flux controls to help handle all of the data you need.
  5. Performance: React is not going to offer any concept of a built-in container for dependency. This means you have more options when creating what you would like.
  6. Testability: Applications that are created in ReactJS are easy to test. This gives you the peace of mind that you need to create a great application and to know that it will work.



As a front-end web application developer, you want to make sure you are picking the right program to get the work done without all of the hassles. And many developers find that JavaScript is one of the best coding languages to help them get this done. ReactJS is a good library to use because it is based on JavaScript, while keeping things as simple as possible. There may be other options on the market, but none compare to how well JavaScript can work and the benefits it will provide to your project.


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