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Top 10 Technology 2020

Our world operates on the principle of constant development. We can’t ignore the inevitability of change, as it is a part of life. Of all the changes and gradual developments that we are witnessing, technology is the most rapidly evolving domain. Gartner, the leader in research and advisory has gathered information about some disruptive technology trends that can’t be neglected in 2020. According to Gartner, these are divided into two themes:

  • Smart Spaces
  • People-Centric

There are various technologies that can disrupt many sectors like banking, computation, healthcare, space tech, automation, etc. which everyone should keep their eyes on in the coming years. Let us dive into these trends.

Trends in People-Centric Technologies

  • Hyper-automation

As the name suggests, it is about minimizing, if not eradicating manual interventions from mundane tasks. It is based on the principle of automating everything that can be automated. The process of traditional automation is combined with artificial intelligence, which is termed as hyper-automation. Best example is the use of chatbots for customer helplines by banks or automated suggestion systems by rental car companies.

  • Multi-experience

Multi-experience is the technology that governs ardent ways of digital interaction. Instead of having a screen as the medium of interaction, Multi-experience allows us to use objects around us for controlling the computer. Furthermore, it also enables connecting with customers apart from the mobile app like delivery tracking systems, autonomous vehicles, smart assistants, and home systems. Dominoes is one such company which is currently heavily focusing on Multi-experience.

  • Democratization

With the help of democratization, an individual will be able to access a plethora of technology without any skill barrier. The focus of democratization is to build a smooth and simple user interface such that an unskilled user can operate it very easily. For example, companies are working on intelligent advisory systems that can suggest optimal decisions in the stock market for people with little to no knowledge.

  • Human Augmentation

This technology is the intersection of physical and cognitive mind, aimed to virtually enhance our perception of the world. Moreover, it has the essence of Multi-experience along with automation, which makes it a versatile technology.

  • Transparency and Traceability

This is mostly related to the privacy laws and digital activism concerning the maleficent intentions behind data collection. Companies are putting extensive focus on complete transparency and traceability of data to gain public trust, which is an essential factor influencing the brand value. 


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Upcoming Trends in Smart Spaces

  • Empowered Edge

Empowered edge is a technological trend based on the devices and their connectivity to systems like cloud. This innovative idea is aimed to build tech powered environments (such as conversational systems) having exclusive support of multiple devices such as smart speakers, mobile phones, IoT devices, etc. not in the center, but at the margins.

  • Distributed Cloud

This is a slight modification in traditional cloud architecture which fragments the cloud into multiple data centers instead of a single centralized system. This is an ideal method of overcoming the issue of low latency and some structural problems.

  • Autonomous Things

This trend occupies a grey area between electronic devices and machine learning. Devices like drones, cars, machines, and even mobile phones are integrating AI for automating specific tasks. This is probably the fastest growing trend because of the sudden rise in AI research in the past couple of years.

  • Practical Blockchain

Instead of strictly abiding by the rules of blockchain, this technology focuses on mass implementation by removing unnecessary restrictions. It focuses more on distributed ledger and decentralization, thus making it convenient for decentralized finance and banking.

  • AI Security

AI is considered as a necessary evil by many critics. Despite the positive side of AI, it can be used for malicious purposes. That is why researchers are dedicated towards inventing effective methods for securing AI models. Furthermore, it is a field where AI itself is used for preventing internet attacks and security breaches. It is a very hot niche in cybersecurity.

Our Take

Technology is changing at a very rapid rate in 2020, and it will follow the same trend in the coming few years. Firms like Gartner are working fervently to find out the next big thing in the world of technology. Every company striving for steady growth must keep an eye on these trends to establish its presence in the market and to make a positive impact in the  future.


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