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Technology and Social Change

Technology and Social Change

Every day we come across debates on artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Critics of both sides continuously emphasize on superiority and intelligence. Some stand in favor of human EQ, while others argue for robustness and cognition. The future is uncertain, and so is the question of AI dominance. Furthermore, technology and social change have a very strong correlation. It is high time that we decide our stance so that we can shape our future for better.

From tech tycoons to Tom, Dick and Harry, everybody faces a dilemma. The rapid development of technology is pushing us on the verge of choosing sides. Moreover, everyone is sure about the inevitable difference between technology and human nature. We have to decide whether we want to ‘humanize’ the tech or give it the control on our lives.

Are we Rowing Towards the Doomsday? : Technology and Social Change

Before going further, we must get some facts straight. The ‘doomsday’ is very different from that shown in sci-fi movies. No, you won’t witness AI spacecrafts attacking us from the sky. Instead, technology will enslave us very subtly if we don’t control it today. Furthermore, we need to keep our progress in check every now and then.

The constant surge in the internet and silicon inventions is resulting in optimism towards technology and social change. However, the dot-com boom and its results are depicting another picture to the critics. Companies are showing interests only to the individuals who show strongholds in technology. This is a matter of concern for the economists as well as futurists.

This level of cut-throat competition is degrading the importance of creativity. Everybody is striving towards monotonous technology. This leads to a strife between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Therefore, we need to readjust this scenario and go back towards more ‘human’ lives.

How Can we Avoid This and be in the “Team Human”?

Douglas Rushkoff asserts that we need to halt the optimization of technology. This argument is very true as well as feasible in the present times. Progress beyond this point will only lead to an imbalance between technology and human nature. Even the scientific claims point towards this direction.

Technology has been severely affecting the intelligence and physical activity of the human body. Reduction in dependency will yield effective results in the long run. Besides, another method can be the regulation of these developments. Establishing an authority to keep an eye on the evolving technologies can also be a great aid.

Last but not the least, we must build a sustainable environment. That is, the tech industry must build devices while keeping the future in their mind. In addition, shaping a future that we don’t need an escape from is a blessing in disguise. This humanitarian approach will surely place us in the “Team Human”.

Our Perspective

Technology and social change are standing at a diverging point. Taking the right decision will help to build a promising future. Furthermore, the choice is still in our hands and we are the writers of our own fate. Being on the side of “Team Human” definitely seems a reliable option which everyone should consider.


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