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robotics and artificial intelligence

Robotics and artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is the result of our progress and combined efforts over a long period. Furthermore, we often come across news and debates on the rivalry between humans and robots. Many technocrats regularly express their concerns about whether AI will take over humanity or not.

Companies are constantly moving in the direction of advanced robotics. Whether it is pizza delivery through drones or doing surgery, robots can do it. However, a survey suggests that Americans don’t like technology’s interference to this extent. People are willing to use a robot until it remains under their control.

Are we really Independent? : Robotics and artificial intelligence

People reject the idea of using technology in their regular lives. However, this is not the case. Around 45% of people who say ‘no’ to robots use a personal assistant. 8 out of 10 people against autonomous airplane travel in commercial flights. Also, 20% of people in the survey use dating apps even though they discard the idea of AI matchmaking.

We can draw two conclusions from this survey.

  • Firstly, people know the results of dependency on robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Secondly, despite the survey outcome, they’re already using them in their daily lives.

So, are we really independent? The answer to this question is - NO. Even though we don’t want to use AI and robots, the majority of people rely on them.

Some Interesting Insights

Many people might argue that the survey is misleading, which is not the case. Instead, it gave us more profound insights into people’s desires. Interestingly, the interest of a person varies with gender and age.

4 out of 10 young men have no problem with mechanical sex, whereas 90% of women disprove this notion. Millennials are okay with depending on robotics and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, every generation is increasingly accepting this trend. By the year 2222 (8 generations from now), AI will be a normal thing in the everyday lives of people.

Who Will Dominate the Future?

We can’t deny the fact that day by day, we are becoming more dependent on technology. The cameras in our smartphones extensively use AI. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, etc. rely heavily on artificial intelligence. People are using self-driving cars and intelligent chatbots. Ten years ago, all this wasn’t available for the masses! It is an indication of how rapidly the technology evolves in such a short interval.

If you’re optimistic about this development, you might guess the answer. If AI and robotics will grow at current rates, it’s a one-sided guess. We should not hesitate to accept the fact that the future will belong to AI.

It is up to us whether or not we choose sustainable development. At the present time, we are on the verge of a gigantic revolution that will shape the future. If we can control AI in its nascent stage, we can be independent as well as save upcoming generations.

Our Take

Nobody can ignore our reliance on technology these days. Furthermore, it will only increase in the coming years. The future belongs to AI and robots. The question remains whether we will control them or vice-versa.




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