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Richard Branson on new things

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As Richard Branson has (somewhat famously) pointed out:

“I didn’t go to a prestigious university; in fact, I didn’t even finish secondary school. I suffer from dyslexia and couldn’t keep up with my studies as a teenager. I didn’t fit in at all.”

But by pursuing his passion, …” a wonderful thing happened: Following my passion gave me drive and purpose. My mind opened up and so did my world. The headmaster gave me an ultimatum, forcing me to choose between staying in school or pursuing [creating a] magazine. I chose to leave, and I’ve never looked back.”

The thrill of learning by doing is one of the greatest thrills you can experience.  Our philosophy is that “doing” is much more valuable than pondering it. Nike’s famous “Just do it!” phrase distills this concept rather perfectly.

But, “Just do it!” doesn’t merely apply to sports. It applies to learning; it applies to your work alone or collaborating with colleagues; it applies to starting a new business, building a new system, and creating a new product; it applies to your role in society and your community; and, it applies to all your relationships.

As part of that purpose, it is really not about making money, but rather doing something you are passionate about, and drives you forward.  This will bring your greatest happiness and reward, including financial success.

Our Supplement: There is no greater satisfaction in life than building and creating, I believe, and doing so with gusto.  This means setting a vision for yourself, and pulling together any and all resources you need to make that vision a reality.

We are on a mission to transform technologists into world-class experts and business people into tech savvy leaders.  It’s that simple!

Our entire team takes enormous pleasure in making his mission a reality.  ~ Paul Siegel

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