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Paul Siegel on TechBytes

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Five years ago, I faced a challenge that nearly took my life, but survived that nightmare and have become a “Happy, Healthy & (W)holesome” man. My new trademark is a phrase that comprises an approach and strategy for living combined with my wry sense of humor.

My forthcoming book, entitled “There is Always a Road Ahead” covers 18 life lessons and road maps. Some of those life lessons are road maps are being provided in our TechBytes.

TechBytes is our effort to distill important idea and information from experts around the world into short sixty second insights into a wide variety of subjects, including at the convergence of technology and business.

We will approach TechBytes from many different angles and with ideas from many different people. From the details of coding to the strategies relationship building and learning; from DevOps techniques to improve software delivery to input into the strategies for career building and teamwork.

We cover this and much, much more, so come join us on a great adventure with TechBytes.

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