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Ideas for India’s Future


India has always been seen as a country full of resources, talent and untapped potential. These qualities were utilized by technocrats and business tycoons in the past few decades. Of all such conglomerates which have a lot of influence on the Indian economy, Infosys stands amongst the top names. Infosys is led by its strong founding team, which includes people like Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani. 

Nandan Nilekani is a great visionary and once, during a TED event in California, he discussed some ideas which can pivot India’s future. He has been constantly pushing towards execution of them by being a great philanthropist. This is something worth pondering upon.

When we talk about India, the first and foremost thing popping in everyone’s mind is its enormous population. Ironically, unlike other countries, this has proved to be a blessing in disguise for India because of its demographic distribution. 

India is the youngest country in the world with a vast untapped potential that is yet to be utilized. This is very much possible if India’s youth works together on certain ideas that can positively affect India’s future. There are certain ideas that India needs to implement for achieving future milestones and set a benchmark for other developing nations. 


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What are those ideas?


Improvements in the Primary Education System

First, the need for a proper education system. Primary schools are the cultivating grounds for future generations of India. Unfortunately, in the current scenario, the government schools are lacking appropriate amenities, which are essential for an ideal learning environment. If young minds are given the right direction along with expert molding hands, then India will surely reap fruits, which might as well result in unexpected innovations and development.

State of the Art Infrastructure

Developing the infrastructure is another idea from the bag that ensures a bright future for India. A few years ago, in this nation, everyone focused on collecting basic amenities, such as food, clothes, and shelter. This mindset is changing and is gradually shifting towards more progressive demands, like roadways, electricity, and water. This idea needs to be executed to achieve unparalleled growth rates because of the nation's positive global outlook. 

Focusing on Urbanization

Urbanization is one of the key factors separating a developed nation from its counterparts. Indian mindset right after independence was more inclined towards an agrarian economy, so the development of cities was considered as a secondary task. But with the evolution of global scenario and native economic reforms, leaders understood the need to focus on cities in order to achieve a prosperous economy and a steady growth. This indicates the importance of implementing the idea of urbanization. Pivoting from an agrarian nation to progressive industrialist country can prove as the turning point for Indian as well as the global economy.

One Nation - One Market

Apart from this, the idea of viewing India as one market should be encouraged. Since India is a land thriving upon “unity in diversity”, even the markets were segregated according to the provinces and regions. But, due to the introduction of foreign companies, this internal distribution of market needs to be abolished. When India will see itself as one single market, then the states will collectively contribute towards enriching the trades and exports. 

Reformed Labor Laws

Another crucial idea which will have an influence on India’s future are reforms in labor laws. Indian economy possesses more than ninety percent unorganized labor. But current labor laws are drafted according to organized industries. Reforms in existing systems can maximize labor efficiency, which has a direct impact on the Indian future.

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By focusing and working on this handful of ideas can have a dramatic effect on India’s future. Not only this, this is necessary for the global economy because India has the gift of a young population and enormous resources. They just need to be guided in the correct direction with these ideas being the steering.


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