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A Microsoft Azure Certification is a great option for many computer tech professionals to consider. If you are looking to reach more positions and work In machine learning and data science, then This certification can prove you have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the work done.

The work for the highest certification does take time and effort. These tests are meant to prove to current and future employers that you really know what you are doing. But once you complete all of the tests, you will have a certification that will open any door In computer science, data science, and machine learning that you want.

Why Should I Complete This Exam?

There are a number of reasons why a professional may choose to attain a Microsoft Azure certificate. This can help them further their career by providing them with the necessary experience and knowledge to run cloud-based services and to work with Microsoft Azure as well.

Even at the most basic certification level, having these can help you open new professional doors along the way. The higher you go with the Microsoft Azure certifications, the higher positions you can take, and the higher pay grade.

Many businesses want to work with professionals who know how to handle system security, cloud-based services, networking, and more. And they want to see proof that the individual can actually do these things. With a certification, you can prove you have the knowledge and experience to get it done.

With the highest level of certification, you can run some of the best and modern data services In any company. Since so few professionals have the time or dedication to complete all ten tests and exams. These take a good deal of time to complete and study for. When a professional takes the time to get everything done, it will get noticed.

Which Certification Do I Need?

There are three main levels of certification you can get In Microsoft Azure. The first two are only separated based on how many exams you have taken In the process. Each of these certifications will showcase how many exams you wrote and passed, and let employers know exactly how much knowledge on a certain topic you possess. The higher the certification you get, the more knowledge and experience you have.

The three certifications you can choose In Microsoft Azure include:

The Microsoft Technology Associate or MTA

This certification is the first one professionals may receive. It is meant to help validate some of the fundamental technical knowledge about the Azure platform. For a professional to get This certificate, they must only complete one of the exams below. The individual may choose one of the Azure exams of their choice to get this.

The Microsoft Certified Solution Associate or MCSA

This is the second exam a professional may receive. A professional who has this exam will be able to manage and even administer some Azure cloud environments. The professional must pass four Azure exams before receiving This certificate.

It is also possible to receive a MCSA: Linux on Azure certification. A professional who decides to work with this option will need to go through a few different steps as well. For example, not only will you need to pass some of the different exams below, but you will need to finish some exams to prove you are well-versed in Linux as well.

The Microsoft Certified Solution Expert or MCSE

The highest certificate available is the MCSE. A professional who has This certificate would be able to run an efficient and modern data center with no problems. They will also have expertise In many valuable areas including networking, storage, virtualization, system management, and the cloud. To get This certification, the professional must write and pass six additional exams, meaning they complete all ten below.

The Different Azure Certification Exams

To follow the MCSE, MCSA, or the MTA certification track, the individual must write out an Azure specific exam before becoming certified In Azure. There are ten specific exams for Microsoft Azure that you can choose. The topics covered will range from machine learning, data, infrastructure and more. Some of the options you can make include:

  1. Develop Azure Solutions: This exam is meant to test how well an individual can design, program, implement, automate, and then monitor solutions with Azure. There are several topics found within This test. For example, the individual may need to create and manage virtual machines or manage and implement computer, mobile, and web services with Azure.


  1. Implementing Infrastructure Solutions: This exam is meant to see the knowledge and experience of an individual when it comes to implementing a solution with Azure.


  1. Architecting Azure Solutions: This exam will check to see the design skills of the individual using Azure.


  1. Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud: This exam is important as the growth of cloud-based services continues. This exam will specifically test thow well the professional can update, package, deploy, mantain, and plan the infrastructure that a business would like to create.


  1. Designing the Cloud Platform Solutions: This helps to assess the design and implementation of Microsoft data solutions.


  1. Big Data Analytics: This test will see whether the individual can design and implement big data analytics for companies.


  1. Cloud data science with machine learning: This will test how well the individual can work with machine learning and data science, both of which are becoming hot topics In the business world.


  1. Perform data engineering: This is specifically done with HDInsight and can help test whether the individual can implement some big data engineering workflows with HDInsight.


  1. Engineering data with Microsoft Cloud Service: This will cover all of the necessary knowledge for individuals who will design some analytics solutions and build those solutions on Azure.


  1. Developing Azure and web services: This will check how well the individual will show their skills with developing web services.

These ten exams may take some time to complete, but they ensure the individual is knowledgeable about all things concerning Microsoft Azure. They will make it easier for the professional to exhibit their skills and showcase what they can do to assist any business who works for them. Working progressively through the exams can set the career of the individual up for years to come.


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