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Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence vs Data Mining

Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence vs Data Mining

You are living in an era of modernization and information technology. In this modern age, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the new concepts such as Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence vs Data Mining. If you know what’s going on around the world it would become a lot easier for you to keep pace with the fast-changing world.

Let’s suppose you are a business person and have no time to book an appointment with your family doctor, but it’s important! How about a machine doing it for you?

How about you want to invite people to your daughter’s wedding and have no time! What if the machine is sending the invitations on your behalf?

Keeping in view all such points won’t you be interested in finding out about Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence vs Data Mining and a lot more!

Let’s find out what’s machine learning and what’s artificial intelligence so that you would have a better understanding.

Read on for more information.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a broad science. It’s a science through which machines are trained in such a way that they are able to perform the tasks that are otherwise performed by humans. Isn’t that interesting?

Scientists in 1950 were able to figure out the fact that computers have the ability to solve the problems on their very own! Yes, that’s true and that’s so interesting, right?

There are many subfields of AI such as deep learning, neural network, machine learning, and a lot more. Through AI the machines would help in solving the problems. You can say that the goal of AI is to create machines that are intelligent and can mimic human intelligence, but it deals with tons of data. It’s possible for SIRI in your smartphone to tell your name in available dialects. It’s interesting how you can interact and get a variety of answers. But you would notice that the answers are based on the available data!

What Is Machine Learning?

It is a specific subset belonging to Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning would train a machine on how to learn! So that’s the difference between AI and Machine Learning! AI is the broader category as mentioned previously.

The models of machine learning would try to give conclusions based on the patterns of the data! So, it’s important that the relevant data is available for such conclusions. The machine learning life cycle would try to collect data so that it would be used to collect the feedback and this feedback would be quite useful as it can help to draw conclusions on new data sets. There is so much data available and through an algorithm, it would be solved to some extent.

What Is Data Mining?

If you want to discover the patterns in the large data set then it would come under data mining. It’s the process through which computers can turn the raw data into something useful.

Basically, with the help of data mining, you would be able to extract important information through a large data set. For example, if you are running a business it would be possible for you to develop great marketing strategies for the success and growth of your business based on the relevant data of the customers.

AI, Machine Learning, And Data Mining Today

Let’s talk about the significance of AI, machine learning, and data mining in today’s time. You might be quite aware of the fact that it’s possible for you to ask questions to your computer and it would provide you information that was otherwise difficult. You can learn about the inventory, customer retention, possibility of fraud, and a lot more! You can easily know where you stand in terms of the revenue and what marketing strategies can help you increase sales and target more customers.

Technological advancement is bringing a variety of changes in the life of modern individuals. In medical science, there are many advancements that are making human life better. Won’t you be wishing for a system where it’s easy to find information about the human body rather than people going for the multiple scans?

You can notice the intelligent machines in your everyday life. It’s possible for you to get the recommendations for your favorite retail stores and a lot more. In fact, when you are shopping online you would get the suggestions for the add-on items. Does it surprise you? Well, it’s all because of artificial intelligence. And don’t you think it’s making your life easier by telling you the options that you might otherwise not select! It’s giving you quick suggestions.

If you talk about the industry of finance then you might know that frauds and scams are possible! But through AI, machine learning, and data mining it would be possible to detect the frauds and scams. Everything would be for the betterment of mankind. In fact, such things are designed to make human life more comfortable. You can compare your life today vs. where were you 10 years ago! Did you notice the difference?

You can expect human-to-machine interactions in the coming years! Plus, there had been a lot done in the past. In fact, everything that’s making your life comfortable right now is the result of lots of research in the past. Technology is really changing the world every day!

Wrapping It Up

You can call Artificial Intelligence as the broader science while machine learning trains the machine to learn and data mining makes the raw data useful. It’s interesting to see how the world around you is changing! You can see the difference in your life if you compare it with the past ten years. Everything is for making human life as comfortable as possible. There are advanced methods used in medical science and AI is great for modern businesses too. You can expect a lot more in the coming years!


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