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How Technology Can Democratize Music

How Technology Can Democratize Music

Appreciation of music is prevalent across various cultures around the globe. Each civilization has its own innovation and creative arts such as music, painting and dance. Just like every other field, the music industry is also undergoing innovation. This change is inevitable. From percussion instruments to electronic devices, the industry is revolving at a rapid rate. Artists are using professional music software to come up with new tracks.

Adapting technology has been a blessing for every musician. Whether it is recording or editing, everything can be done on the fingertips. These days, tech enthusiasts are asking questions about how technology can democratize music. Furthermore, we will also ponder over whether or not technology is feasible for the music industry.

What is Democratization of Music and Why is it Necessary ? : How Technology Can Democratize Music

Drew Sliverstein is a patron of the democratization of music. His company uses technology to aid musicians to create music in an instant. He says that “creative expression flourishes when the process of expression is easy and more affordable”.

Many musicians are unable to take their work to masses due to lack of resources. Inventors are trying hard to make it easier for the masses to produce music at their homes. Besides, they are also working on professional music software to aid the innovation and creative arts. This is an intuitive definition of ‘democratization’ of music.

This is very crucial for the industry because it encourages local artists. Democratization through technology elevates everybody on equal grounds. In addition, it also helps in global collaboration between various artists. All of this is possible because of inevitable technological advancements.

How Technology Can Democratize Music ?

The answer to this question is simplification. Technology simplifies the production and recording of a piece. Moreover, it also minimizes the chances of facing legal actions with professional music software. Let us take a look at two main ways in which technology helps the industry.

1.     Reducing the Production Cost

These days, everyone can compose a song irrespective of their location and financial status. One just needs a smartphone app and internet connection to show one’s talent to the world. However, a couple of decades ago, this was a tedious process. Music production and recording was out of reach of the general populace. Technology has bought a revolution in the music industry by cutting down the costs.

2.     Checking Plagiarism

Many music composers don’t release their tracks because of legal actions. However, they can check their composition on various professional music software that detect plagiarism. This minimizes the risk of violating the copyright act and facing the jurisdiction.

Apart from this, apps like Spotify and Youtube are the biggest assets for musicians to showcase their talent. They can upload their music independently without indulging in contracts of agencies and putting their career at stake. Technology has democratized innovation and creative arts.

Key Takeaway

Unlike the previous century, technology is acting as a pivot in the music industry. Musicians from every corner of the earth are coming into the limelight. Reduction in production cost and over simplification has made music accessible to everyone. Anyone with innate talent can leverage it despite financial or physical disabilities. This is democratization in its true sense.


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