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How Knowing AWS Will Help Your Career Take-Off

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a well-known name in the cloud computing industry. It offers certifications to aspiring candidates to prove their knowledge and abilities. These certifications aren’t a walk in the park. Often, they require several months of dedicated studying, even for people who’re already working with the cloud platform. But, the benefits you get from having these certificates are worth the effort.

Since AWS is currently the leading public cloud service provider, an AWS career is a good option among aspirants. If you’re an aspiring cloud professional, an AWS certification and career could be the most reasonable option for you. These certifications can help simplify the path to a job with Amazon Web Service. It’s therefore essential that you learn about their importance if you’re thinking of starting a career with AWS. Today, we will talk about them and how they can benefit your career.

What Are AWS Certifications?

They validate the cloud skills and expertise of professionals. Those with this certificate can pursue a career with AWS by showcasing their abilities in these skills. Companies depend on these certifications to create an efficient, innovative team for their cloud ventures that are AWS based. Since these certifications follow a role-based model, they provide valid proof that a person is experienced in distinct cloud-based roles. They come in four categories;

  • Foundational
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialty

Apart from Foundational certification, the other categories contain several certifications that are suitable for specific job roles. With the Foundational Certification, one gains entry into AWS Cloud Landscape. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the only certification in this category.

There are three certifications in the associate category; AWS Certified: Solutions Architect, Developer Associate, and SysOps administrator associate, while certifications in the professional category include AWS Certified: Solutions Architect Professional, and DevOps Engineer Professionals. The specialty category features the highest number of certifications, including AWS Certified:

  • Data Analytics Specialty
  • Security Specialty
  • Database Specialty
  • Alexa skill Builder Specialty
  • Advanced Networking Specialty
  • Machine Learning Specialty


As you can see, there are different certifications. Therefore, you should choose which path to take for your career with AWS. We advise that you start with Certified Cloud Practitioner certification then choose an associate certification depending on your skillset and career preferences. This allows you to gain access to AWS related jobs that can give one professional experience. Then, you can opt for Professional Certifications like Architect Professional that can help in establishing a stable career in Architect specialization. Certifications in the specialty category can boost your AWS certification career. One can gain skills in specific specializations like security specialty, which add value to their career profile.

AWS Certification Benefits

  1. Boosts your curb appeal

IT certifications play an essential role in the hiring process. Employers use them to measure employee success. They help less-tech savvy hiring persons to quickly validate your skills and determine whether you’re fit for that role. Having an AWS certification can make a person more attractive to an employer.

  1. Betters Your Recognition in Professional Circles

Recognition makes you stand out from other people. An AWS certification makes you a preferable candidate for AWS jobs, plus it earns you digital badges that you can display on social media and email signatures. Therefore, you’ll be more exposed and gain easier access to several sponsored AWS events.

  1. Gain Access to More Jobs

Amazon Web Service leads in the cloud computing market, owning a share of approximately 1/3. And it is still growing at a rapid rate. A more market share means more customers and more businesses that want to hire professionals with AWS skills. Enterprises are adopting AWS technology every day hence creating many job opportunities. If you have the right credentials, you can get an attractive position.

  1. Career Advancement

Getting an AWS certification has immediate and long term benefits for your career. Individuals can increase their Amazon Web Service knowledge and make themselves attractive to more potential employers. Plus, so long as your certifications are up to date, this can boost your earning power. Remember that companies are looking for skilled cloud professionals, and getting your expertise certified by the world’s well-known cloud vendor makes you qualify for attractive job positions.

  1. Professional Networking

Professional networking delivers reliable results when searching for a job. An AWS certification makes you recognized in the AWS Certified Global Community. Therefore, one can access the Certified Linked Community and connect with other people. Thus, individuals can explore many career opportunities and requirements to advance their professions. Additionally, networking with AWS professionals improves candidates’ insights into the existing cloud market.

Advancing Your Career with AWS Certification

Have a long term vision for your career- before getting the certifications; you should determine why you want to be certified. One should have a clear understanding of the positions they want to achieve as cloud professionals. This way, you’ll not struggle to find the right certification to put your career on the right path.

Ensure that you know cloud technology-once you’ve chosen the certification, one should prepare for it with several learning resources. Candidates can train online with training courses and tests to help them make. You should perfect your skills before sitting for the certification exam. Also, one should develop a strong command over cloud technology needed for their certification.

3 Jobs You Can Get with an AWS Certification

  • SysOps Administrator

These are people who deploy, operate, and manage systems on AWS. Those with experience in leading as well as implementing production operations on the cloud can validate their expertise with a SyOps administrator certification. This will boost their chances of being chosen for AWS jobs.

  • Key Account Manager

He/she is responsible for managing cloud storage, products, and server sales. He/she drives adoption, market penetration, and customer base management in a diverse market. If you’re experienced in sales, purchases, or managerial roles with AWS cloud knowledge, an AWS cloud practitioner certification will bring more opportunities for you.

  • AWS Big Data Specialist

This person specializes in designing and implementing big data services that derive value from data. One must have experience in data analytics to qualify for this position. Someone with a solid background in defining big data services to help enterprises manage and maintain their data can get an AWS significant data specialist certification to increase their chances of getting an AWS job.


AWS certifications play an essential role in boosting your career. With them, you can earn more salary, better recognition, and get attractive jobs for developing your profession. If you pass an AWS certification, you can apply for the jobs we’ve mentioned above and many others.


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