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Discover the pros and cons of Data Science

Data science is the gathering and analysis of collected data. That, however, may be a gross oversimplification. It requires a deep understanding of different studies; mathematics, statistics, and computer science to make sure the correct analysis is conducted on the data. This multidisciplinary field is one of the most sought-after careers today. To understand why that is, we need to delve a little deeper into it.

Pros and cons of data science

The enormous field that is data science has many merits and demerits. It is important to acknowledge these advantages and disadvantages before pursuing a career in this field.

The pros

The advantages of this field include;

Multiple occupations

Data science is such a wide field to master, as it touches on many other fields including statistics, programing, and data analysis. As such, numerous occupations can be obtained by the pursuit of this field, as different companies have unique perspectives towards data scientists.

Some view them as data engineers, others are of the opinion that they are data analysts while others require professionals in the science of data visualization and machine learning. All this plays well with the professionals in the field since they will have plenty of job opportunities.


Data science is not confined to one aspect of the economy or service provision sector. All components of the economy require data analytics to ensure optimal performance, and, customer satisfaction. From banking and e-commerce to health care and consultation services; all of them need data analysis for efficiency and efficacy.


Data science is one of the most in-demand fields in the job market right now. The demand for professionals in this field far outweighs the supply of such. As of 2019, head hunting website LinkedIn declared data science the most promising occupations in the United States.

Data science also has one of the fastest job growth rates in the world, as each company looks to hire such experts to oversee fields such as computer software, IT services, and financial services. Another projection by LinkedIn estimates that over 11.5 million jobs will be allocated to data scientists by the year 2026. Computer maker IBM also estimates that the demand for such will soar by 28% by 2021.

Well-paying job

Due to the buzz surrounding data science, it is one of the best-paying jobs in the economy. Surveys conducted by firms like Dice Salary Survey and Glassdoor give a salary estimation north of 100,000 dollars annually. For career options, few are better than data science in this respect.

Smarter production

The systems and processes involved in data science provide help for companies to create data that ensures a company meets the exact need of the customer by producing tailor suited products. In e-commerce, for example, Recommendation Systems provide the sales company with the required personalized insight into customer preferences based on their history in purchases. Through Machine Learning, it can produce better-suited products for consumers. All these processes require data scientists for smooth learning.

Cost optimization

Not only does data science facilitate the production of consumer-needs-driven goods, but it also helps a company cut unnecessary costs, thus increasing profitability. It ensures individual productivity by ascertaining the employees in a company do exactly what they are needed to. Data analytics also makes resource utilization efficient.

It’s fun

Provided that you have a passion for the work you do, data science is interesting. It touches a lot of different aspects of learning. You will never turn off your brain because data analysis is like solving puzzles and brain teasers. Data science even helps in personal growth, by helping you develop a problem-solving mindset that is crucial in today’s world.

The cons

Contrary to how it may sound, not everything is smooth sailing when it comes to data science. You need to internalize the full picture of the field, and that includes its disadvantages. They include;


Data science is a very complex field. It isn’t narrowed in its approach but rather touches on a plethora of other fields. Mathematics, programming and coding, data visualization, and knowledge on big data platforms are all tools that companies require when hiring data scientists.

It becomes nearly impossible to master the craft of all the associated fields. Consequently, being a complete expert in the data science field itself becomes arduous. The dynamic nature of the field requires that you constantly update yourself on statistics and computer programming knowledge.

Domain Knowledge

To add onto the skills you need to have to be a data scientist, you also need to have prior knowledge of the type of problems you are trying to solve. Data science requires both domain knowledge and expertise in the scientific department.

An example is in the health care sector. Analysis to be performed on genomic sequences will require a data scientist to be knowledgeable in the fields of molecular biology and genetics. It becomes even more onerous task for the scientist to obtain the knowledge required for this.


Data science is a term that does not have any specific definition. The roles an expert is to take part in are often defined by the company or economic sector the professional is employed in. The science doesn’t clearly define what its roles are, and this may lead to a great deal of generalization.

Data science is simply drawing conclusions from data with the assistance of statistics. Some critics have even defined data science as a mere rebranding of statistics.

Arbitrary data yields unexpected results

Data analysis is paramount when it comes to predicting scenarios and facilitating decision making. However, if the data used is arbitrary, it may yield incorrect or unexpected results and tamper with the succeeding processes. This can lead businesses to make mistakes when it comes to service delivery.

Data security

Data is often the beating pulse of a business. It is needed to ensure profitability. Businesses often achieve this by minimizing costs and ensuring consumers get what they want. However, in an endeavor to understand the complete anatomy of the consumer, businesses, and companies often pay less regard to the means by which they collect the data.

Personal data that should be confidential may be obtained through less than legal means. This may present ethical issues concerning the privacy and confidentiality of consumer data.


This has now presented the full scope of data science as a profession. Data science as proven to be essential in the optimization of business practices the world over. Though it may have enticing and lucrative advantages, its disadvantages should not be taken lightly. Both phases of the field should be deeply considered. Data science has shown to be one of the most promising careers in the market right now. It is up to you to decide whether pursing it will prove provident to your goals.


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