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Get the requisite skills you need to be an experienced data scientist. This program will teach you how to become a professional data specialist by learning how to import, clean, manipulate and visualize data. Through well-planned lessons and interactive exercises, you will learn many Python libraries including NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, and more.

Next, you will work with real-data assets for learning both statistical and machine techniques. This knowledge is useful in understanding the natural language processing and decision trees better.

What is Python and why is it important for Data Science

Python is a versatile programming language with plenty of functionalities. The wide array of functionalities can be exhausting, but the good news is you don’t have to learn them all. Over the last few years, Python has become an essential language in the data science field, and most employers check the applicant’s data science skills before considering them for hire.

Besides, many surveys rank Python as the top language in data science, and its popularity will keep on rising. Since its inception, Python has enjoyed strong community support, which had led to it obtaining a dedicated library for predictive modeling and data analysis. This Data Science course is an entry unit for improvising your Python Skills. Its has plenty of lab exercises to enable you create Python scripts without your instructor’s help.

Data Science Training Key Features

• 40 Hrs instructor-led training

• 24 Hrs self-paced videos

• 50 hours of exercises and project work

• Flexible schedule

• Certification and job assistance

• Lifetime free upgrade

• 24/7 lifetime access& support

Prerequisites for Learning Data Science with Python

- A working laptop or desktop with at least 4 GB of RAM

- An active internet connection

You don’t require any knowledge of Data Science or Python programming language. However, some basic programming or artificial intelligence skills will be of great help.

Who should learn this online Python for Data Science?

- Project managers and BI managers

- Analytics professionals

- Big data professionals

- Software developers

- ETL professionals

- Those with interest in pursuing a career in Python language

Objectives of this Data Science Training Course with Python

1. Introduction to Python Science

2. Learn OOP Concepts, functions and expressions

3. Understand the definition of SQLite in Python, classes, and operations

4. Know how to create Pig and Hive UDF in Python

5. How to Deploy Python for MapReduce Programming?

6. Learn How to Use Real-World Python for Data Science Projects

Course Syllabus

1. Overview of the Course

2. Introduction to Python

3. Understanding Operators

4. Variables and Datatypes

5. Conditional Statements

6. Looping constructs

7. Functions

8. Data Structure

9. Lists

10. Dictionaries

11. Understanding Standard Libraries in Python

12. Reading a CSV file in Python

13. Data Frames and basic operators with Data Frames

14. Indexing a Data Frame

15. Data Manipulation and Visualization

16. Regular Expressions

17. Cheatsheet for Python
Python Data Science Training FAQs

Q: Will I learn Python coding during this course?

A: Yes, but if you are new to programming, then don’t worry since Python is an easy language to learn. It is very intuitive and doesn’t require complex coding skills. We’ll start everything from simple coding to more complex data analysis in Python to help you understand better.

Q: Which programming language is used to teach this course?

A: The whole course uses Python programming language. Therefore, the open-source libraries used in this course are found in Python. Artificial intelligence and data science skills are also useful in this program and if you’re well versed in the area then this training will be much easier for you.

Q: Can I access support programs if I don’t understand some of the topics well?

A: Yes, we are offering a 24/7 support program to our trainees. Just send your queries to the email of our dedicated support team. In case they don’t respond, then we’ll arrange a one-on-one session with a trainer.

Q: What type of projects are included in this training

A: StarWeaver offers you some practice projects which are an essential component of this program. These programs help you apply the classroom skills to the real world. Some of these projects cover areas such as e-Commerce, sales, banking, and insurance.

Q: Will I get a certificate upon the completion of the course?

A: Yes, once you complete and qualify for the course, we will award you a StarWeaver verified certification.

Enroll for the Data Science Training Course with Python today and master the Data Science skills. The world is in dire need of data science professionals for various industries, and if you prove to be a master in the game, then getting a job won’t be a daunting task.


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