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Cloudless Development and Other Cloud Computing Trends for 2020

Cloudless Development and Other Cloud Computing Trends for 2020

Cloudless Development and Other Cloud Computing Trends for 2020

While cloud computing has been around for some time, and many businesses rely on it to help them keep data and information safe and secure, there are a few emerging trends in cloud computing we need to focus on. Some will change the way that cloud computing is used now and, in the future, and may even help sell you on the idea that cloud computing is the best option for you. Let us take a look at some of the top cloud computing trends 2020 and see how these may affect your business.

Omni-Cloud Beats Out Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud has had a good run and has served many businesses well over the years. However, it seems like this trend is about to change. Many companies are moving online, and to these cloud-based systems, and because of this, there are some new demands that cloud servers need to meet. Some of these demands include:

  • Application portability
  • The ability to form cross-platform alliances by the vendors
  • Streamlined connectivity in data integration platforms as needed.
  • The ability to quickly procure compute cycles in real-time without all the lag.

Because of these new demands, multi-cloud servers are changing and adapting to Omni-cloud. It allows some of the architecture behind the cloud to be homogenous. For example, if a company has a lot of little parts and departments to take care of, the Omni-cloud services would make things easier, bringing everything under one umbrella and providing a competitive edge.

Computing without a Server

The future of cloud computing 2020 will include computing without a server. For those who have not spent much time exploring the future of the computer world, this may seem almost impossible. But it is a big trend that the technological world has been moving towards for some time, and computing, even on the cloud, may reach this at some point this year.

Of course, this kind of computing will not be utterly devoid of servers. The applications you need will still run on the servers, but the cloud provider, rather than the customers, will manage the execution of the code for you. The customer would only have to pay when they run the system and never have to deal with fixing the servers or the bandwidth because the cloud provider will do all of this.

The reason that these are so popular is that they provide a cost-effective way to handle your data and many parts of a business. The cloud provider will handle the technical details while the individual companies focus on helping their customers and providing excellent customer service.

Work with Quantum Computing

Another cloud computing trends 2020 is quantum computing. Technology is always changing and never stays the same. This means that the performance of individual computers, as well as more advanced ones used in companies, need to improve overtime to keep up with this. Quantum computing will step in here to make this process easier as technology advances more.

Traditional hardware development takes a lot of time and effort. There are many steps to allow this to happen and to make robust computers that everyone will love. With the help of quantum computing, servers and computers of all kinds can be built to help process information in a matter of seconds, without slowing down.

Quantum computing is a fascinating subject with a lot of different applications and parts that we don’t have time to discuss here. But when it is used well, we can see some fantastic results with our modern computers. Whether you use the cloud or your computer to process, handle, or analyze your data, having quantum computing behind the work will make things easier.

More with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

These are the two hot topics that are showing up more and more with technology, so it makes sense we would see them more with computing as well. Machine learning can be added to business intelligence, IT operations, analytics, and SaaS is one of the emerging trends in cloud computing.

There is so much that AI and machine learning can help us work on. These methods will allow computers, systems, and other pieces of technology to think independently, on their own, with just a little coding. When it comes to data science, machine learning algorithms can provide the key needed to analyze any large set of data and see the patterns that emerge.

This same technology has many other applications with computing. From helping to sort through data, help companies determine the level of risk with each customer to preventing fraud and password leaks, machine learning, and Ai can help. It is something we are likely to see more of as time goes on and in the future of cloud computing 2020.


When it is time to manage and move the software code we have, containers will be useful. The process of containerization is a big trend in the past, and it is likely to continue with that trend in the future. Businesses use and then upgrade the same to simplify some of the portability they have between different software. It will make it easier to produce more software. It is something that containerization already helps with and is likely to continue helping with in the future.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Now only is a lot of our tasks and information going online, many people are using their phones more and more each day. Because of this, mobile cloud computing will likely take flight in the future as well. This method will be like traditional cloud computing but will allow these same features to be available on a mobile phone instead.

However, a phone does use different software, hardware, and technology to run, so mobile cloud computing still has a way to go before it can compete with some of the higher-end options found on a traditional cloud. As more businesses and individuals demand these services, though, this will gain in popularity.

There are many cloud computing trends in 2020 that haven’t even made our list. It is a field that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and some of the emerging trends in cloud computing can add excitement and a lot of fun to the field as well. All of the future of cloud computing 2020 will depend on what businesses and individuals alike want and demand from those who make the technology.


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