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Azure DevOps Tutorial Why Should You Use DevOps On Azure

Azure DevOps Tutorial Why Should You Use DevOps On Azure

Many companies are finding that DevOps is one of the biggest things they need to meet their customers, provide a great product or service, and to beat out the competition. Many of these companies are also trying to find ways to take this approach and incorporate it into their own business to see better results. One option to use is Azure. Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers and can really help you out with DevOps thanks to all of the services it can support. We will take some time to explore more about Azure DevOps here so you can get the best results for your needs.

What is Azure?

The first thing we need to take a look at is what Azure is all about. Microsoft Azure is a platform that is used in cloud computing and was created by IT professionals and developers at Microsoft. It is a great option to use because it helps you manage, deploy and build applications through all of your different data and network centers.

There ae a number of different core service domains that this program is able to impact. These include computing, storage, networking, databases, and monitoring. If your business wants to focus on DevOps, you will find that this is certainly a simple thing to do with the help of Azure from Microsoft.

What is DevOps?

We then need to dive into the arena of DevOps. This is an interesting area and because it is so new and encompasses so much, there are a lot of confusing terms in the original definition. However, the best way to look at this is that faster delivery of software deployment is one of the new needs of the hour. Because the software market is really volatile and companies who work inside of this need to stay updated to provide the best to their customers, you need to work with the idea of continuous delivery and integration.

This is why system administrators and software developers will become important. The software developer will step in and help develop any of the software that needs to be released. They need to make sure that several parameters are met with each software release including

  • Bug fixes
  • Security upgrades
  • New features

On the other hand, we can also work with the developer. This professional will need to take time to market under consideration and think about the different types of constraints that could show up when creating something new. This means the developer is going to focus on things like new features, new products, old code, and pending code to name a few.

And this is what happens any time you want to send your product to the production environment. There are times when errors will show up. This is due to the code being written in the development environment rather than in the production environment.

While each team is going to take on different tasks to get their work done, they do need to come together to get some of it done as well. This is where DevOps can come onto the scene. It works to bring the two teams under one roof to help make sure that the tasks get done well, with new features and products for the customers, without all the bugs or common errors.

Why Should I Choose Azure?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Azure for some of your DevOps needs. We all know already that this company is one of the leading providers of cloud services and many companies are already using it. There are a number of features that help make Azure one of the best options out there and these include:

Catalyze the Cloud Development

Azure allows developers and designers to worry less about the pipelines so they can put more of their focus on developing the actual software. Whether you are dealing with the pipelines that are already in place, you are trying to create some new ones, or you would like to manage the ones you already have, Azure will provide you with all the services and tools you need to get this done.

Better Reliability

Many companies like to work with Azure because it provides them with better reliability than they had in the past. This cloud service will make it easy not to worry about managing security and all of the infrastructures that you have. This is great news because the team can spend more of their time working on innovative solutions instead. With Azure and all the tools it supports, you can harness all of the great stuff of the infrastructure to get the work done in time.

The Ability to Customize As Needed

Your team will enjoy working with Azure because it allows for a lot of customization on the project. And when you are working with a software program, you will find that customization is important along the whole process. With Azure being responsible for providing all of the solutions for developing software, you have the freedom to use the tools of your choice. Azure will take those tools and easily incorporate them into your project, making experimentation and customization easier than before.

The Parts of Azure DevOps

Azure has a lot of really great parts that are added in to make life easier while you develop some of your own projects. Some of the main components that a developer and the rest of the team are able to use include the pipelines, boards, artifacts, repos, and test plans as well. All of these will help make your life easier while developing some of the different software programs you need, as well as making the updates easier as well.

There are many different cloud services out there that you and your software design team can choose to work with. But none will provide you with the tools and ease of use as you can see with Azure. Many software companies enjoy using this option because it allows them to put their team under one roof and still get a ton of things done. When you are ready to create some new software, or you want to make software upgrades easier, then Microsoft Azure is the best option for your team.


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