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Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

The notion of AI being the saviour of humanity can seem contradictory to some people. Many prophets of technology are predicting a future strife between artificial intelligence and humanity. Despite the potential tussle, AI can play an influential role in saving mankind because of its numerous use-cases. Therefore, instead of following a staunch approach, we must rely on the concept of coexistence.

Artificial intelligence has been very useful in reducing manual labor. Since its inception in the late 2000s, the deep learning revolution has been making our lives easier. From performing surgeries to edutainment, AI and humanity are going hand in hand for the betterment of mankind. Furthermore, the tech companies are working hard towards bridging the gap between both domains.

Emergence of Deep Learning : Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

AI has roots which date back to the 1950s. However, it was not until the late 20th century till the emergence of AI pioneers that this field has prospered. Geoffery Hinton, Yann LeCunn, and his team have been continuously evolving the field of AI. They are the prophets of the deep learning revolution across the globe. But what is deep learning? Let us explore this question further below.

In layman’s terms, deep learning is a domain of AI which relies on neural networks. This concept is very useful in the case of huge datasets. Deep learning gets more and more accurate with abundance of data. Algorithms such as CNN, RNN, LSTM, GAN, etc. all fall under deep learning algorithms.

From stepping as an algorithm for object detection to searching black holes, deep learning has been proving its mettle. Nowadays, even the governments are using deep learning for protecting the borders. In addition, the collaboration of AI and humanity is becoming a hot topic on many dinner tables.

Importance of AI : Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

The number of articles opposing AI easily dominates its counterpart. However, we must not ignore the benefits of artificial intelligence. Smart machines can help mankind to an unimaginable extent. Besides security, doctors are relying on AI for complex surgery. Self-driving cars, text-to-speech for the blind and health informatics are some significant results of the deep learning revolution.

In addition, people are also using AI to streamline their fitness regimes. Gadgets such as smartwatches often come with AI to monitor the daily routine of the user. They can perform data analysis and forecast a timetable which is the best fit for an individual’s health. Apart from this, some NLP chatbots also help in checking the mental health of people. Such scrutiny is undoubtedly beneficial for humanity. Every counterargument against AI and humanity in this context falls short by a margin.

Crux of the Topic

Sure, the concerns behind the maleficent use of AI are valid. Also, AI can pose a danger if it gets out of control. However, there is another side of this coin. Artificial intelligence and humanity have a symbiotic relationship. Regulation of both the niches will lead to a sustainable future. Whether it is surgery, security, education or entertainment, AI makes our lives a lot easier. Unlike a hateful perspective, we must start seeing AI from another lens. Visionaries assert it as the most revolutionary technology of the century for a reason.


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