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Artificial intelligence and blockchain in healthcare

Artificial intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are the most sought after technologies in the current scenario. They’ve been changing a lot of industries by automating and securing them. Imagine combining both these behemoth technologies for one cause. It’ll surely disrupt that particular sector and might even change its complete architecture.

What could be better than using both of them in the medical field? Almost every one of us knows people who keep visiting hospitals for the treatment of various diseases. There are chances that even we might have to undergo a diagnosis somewhere down the lane. Every year millions of people lose the battle against some lethal disease.

Why Use These Two Technologies In Healthcare?

AI and blockchain in healthcare industry have a lot of implications. Let us look at the main reasons why these two technologies can be efficient in this sector.

  • Blockchain and artificial intelligence in healthcare can be useful because of an abundance of data. AI models flourish with data, and blockchain’s use-case is to secure and organize it.
  • Furthermore, the present condition of the healthcare sector depends a lot on manual work, which can undergo improvement by merging it with technology.
  • Thirdly, the ever-increasing population will lead to a surge in medical facilities. Therefore experts recommend using artificial intelligence and blockchain. It will ensure a system that is safe from intrusion, and everything executes in time.
  • Statistics suggest that in 2020, healthcare data will double itself every 11 weeks. Instead of just storing the data, we can also harness it to the fullest with AI.

We’re aware of the monstrous inflow of data every second. We just need to devise a way to use it. The tycoon Gunjan Bhardwaj suggests an innovative way to do the same. Let’s explore it.

How Do We Use This Data?

One way of using this data is to hire teams of analysts and data engineers for preprocessing the data. However, this might lead to data monopoly and unequal distribution of knowledge. Funded companies and labs will have an unfair advantage over their counterparts. So, it is clear that using AI alone won’t be fair. Here enters the use of blockchain in healthcare industry. It can ensure an equitable distribution of the collected data.

In addition, AI can also develop a universal system that can be used by everyone across the globe. Since the data will be multilingual, Artificial intelligence in healthcare can translate it in a uniform language.  Furthermore, this will also resolve the problem of understanding the context of a particular term.

Another thing that these technologies can solve is the articulation of data. The majority of data available on the internet is of successful experiments. However, the data determining failure is equally important to formulate the cure to a disease. Blockchain is the best solution to preserve intellectual property while keeping it open for others to use.

Our Take On This Topic

The primary purpose of technology is to make our lives easier. Moreover, if it can save us, then it is nothing less than a boon. Therefore, we must harness the power of cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain for the betterment of humanity.



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