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AI music composition

AI music composition

Present-day musicians rely heavily upon AI music composition and gadgets. Unlike mainstream music, an AI music composer can identify the likes and dislikes of the audience. Movies like ‘Her’ are proponents of ‘intelligent’ music. In a hectic daily schedule, a custom soundtrack according to moods is the need of the hour.

Artificial intelligence accomplishes music customization with grace as well as accuracy. Pierre Barreau and his creation AIVA are the pioneers in this domain. AIVA knows 30,000 scores of musical behemoths, including Beethoven and Mozart. In addition, its accuracy and robustness act like a cherry at the top of it.

The Technology Behind Musical AI : AI music composition

Principles of an AI music composer are similar to general artificial intelligence software. Its main ingredients are deep neural networks and a lot of training data. Basically, software like AIVA extracts the hidden patterns in music scores. Furthermore, these scores and patterns help it to compose new pieces of music. You can assume a computer coming up with songs similar to the compositions of Mozart, Bach, and Schubert.

Pierre explains that humans also use similar ways of making their music. Just like our ideas, our environment influences musical scores. For instance, if we train the AI music composer on sad music, then it’ll reproduce similar notes. Now that you have the basic intuition, let us move further.

Personal Intelligent Music : AI music composition

Custom music is the next big thing in artificial intelligence and music composition. AI can keep a track of your music taste and can generate authentic music on its own. This is a very revolutionary idea that future apps can rely upon. In addition, this concept can easily surpass the barriers of human creativity. This is primarily because of the robustness of AI music composition.

Besides, developers can also make apps which let the users choose an artist of their choice. It’ll be used to generate similar and completely unique music. Furthermore, one can also use it to create music for different occasions. For example, if you’re organizing a house party, an AI music composer can produce lit custom tracks. After all, who doesn’t want tailored jingles for an event to make it more memorable?

So far, technologies like AIVA have been very useful and handy for the same tasks. These softwares not only save time, but also human efforts. Furthermore, this type of technology is a form of reincarnation of deceased musical maestros. The best part is that it can generate a single piece which has unique features of multiple music composers.

Our Take on the Topic

AI music composition is the future of the music industry. Even if one wants to follow the conventional trends, AI can enhance the whole process. Budding music composers can change the nitty-gritties of an artificial song to give it a personal touch.

Apart from this, using an AI music composer in movies can cut down the costs to a large extent. This technology can disrupt the music industry in the coming year. Whether you’re tech savvy or a musichead, you must follow AI music composition very closely.


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