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Best Paying Jobs in 2020


In 2020, many of the Best Paying Jobs are in IT

Who doesn’t want to work at a cool job, with a fat paycheck at the end of every month. Every year, the job market blooms with new jobs according to innovations and development. According to a recent report by Glassdoor, the IT sector will outshine others in the list of best paying jobs in 2020.

The world will notice ardent technologies that will disrupt the conventional industries. This means that individuals who have adapted to the evolving skill sets will attract recruiters. Not only this, the employers are also willing to pay skyrocketing paychecks to the promising candidates. 


What gives the IT job market this advantage?

A prediction indicates that in 2020, seven out of ten jobs with lucrative paychecks are in the IT sector. This is a direct correlation with emerging technologies and a void of people with relevant qualifications. In addition to this, it is also observed that very few individuals are inclined towards engineering and technology, which further widens this gap between eligible employees and job vacancies. 

Another fact that should be considered is that only a limited number of individuals are willing to take up technical jobs since they demand higher mental labor with sufficient dedication of time. Moreover, even though managerial jobs require skills that can be obtained by sincere dedication, they remain steady over the course. Whereas, on the other hand, IT professionals need to remain updated and constantly hone their skills as per the ever-evolving demands of the sector, which few individuals are willing to do.

What are those coveted high paying IT jobs?

Front-End Engineer

Front-end engineer grabs the spot as the best paying job in 2020. It should be noted that this includes factors such as a paycheck, job satisfaction and the number of job openings. For those who are unaware of this term, front-end engineer is the individual responsible for the user interface of the website and applications that we all use in our day to day life. Surely, this is not a cakewalk, so the median base pay for front-end engineers goes above USD 100,000 per year.

Another major chunk of coveted jobs belonging to this list belongs specifically to the software domain. These include Java Developer, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Product Manager. The main reason behind being a steep increase in software needs and the rigorous amount of technical work and human resources required for developing them. Because of specialized qualification requirements, the median base salary also rises up to 117,000 USD, which is around 30,000 dollars above the median base pay of other jobs.

Java Developer

Java developers are responsible for programming most of the android based applications and desktop applications. They are used by almost everyone who owns a mobile phone. 

Software Engineer

This is the core job in the IT field which requires deep knowledge of algorithm, software design apart from programming applications from scratch. Software engineering is an integral part of technical domain. It is with the help of software engineers that the human race is able to simulate & operate spacecrafts, ATMs, television sets and every gadget that one can think of.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are the individuals who take care of the deployment process of various software and applications which are made by software engineers. Even though they are not directly involved in programming and core software development, DevOps is extremely essential for making the software accessible for the masses.

Product Manager

This job title is inclined a little bit towards the managerial side, but product managers require technical knowledge too. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the current job market. Furthermore, product managers need to have years of software development experience or a specialized degree in product management.


Many Great Jobs in Data Science

Lastly, comes the title that will be the buzzword in the job market for the coming couple of years - Data Scientist and Data Engineer. Due to the exponential growth of data collected from various resources including social media, surveys, software, and reviews; data is considered as the fuel of 21st century. In order to utilize this, many individuals specifically work on data in order to build recommendation systems, artificially intelligent machines, analysis, and forecasting mechanisms, etc. It is the Data Engineers and Data Scientists who are responsible to collect the data and work on it. This is considered to be one of the coolest jobs in the tech domain and has the highest demand. The base median base pay of both of these jobs are also above $105,000 with high job satisfaction.

Data Scientist

Data scientists require deep knowledge on statistics, probability along with expertise in programming decision science tools. They are responsible for developing strategies based on outcomes derived from data. It is almost like prophesy by using computer algorithms. Data scientists are in huge demand and it is expected that it will be the same in the coming 4-5 years.

Data Engineer

It is the role of data engineers to collect and organize data from various sources so that data scientists and business analysts can use it further for their use. Without data engineers, the domain of data science loses its spine, because they are the individuals who are responsible for data flow via developing a plethora of tools for data collection.


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If one has relevant skills and is willing to dedicate himself in the technical domain, then IT field is standing with open arms with a fat paycheck to build the state of the art scalable products.


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