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15 Best Microsoft Azure Certifications Salaries and Job Opportunities

15 Best Microsoft Azure Certifications Salaries and Job Opportunities

One of the best certifications you can get in the world of technology is the Microsoft Azure Certification. This is a great ticket to help you get an excellent job in a reputable company, no matter what your other skills are. You may know these skills already, but the certification will help take you to the next level, ensuring that you can really impress current and future employers because you have proof of your skills and they don’t just need to take your word for it.

As you start to research some of your options, you may quickly notice that there are several types of Microsoft Azure Certifications that you can choose from. Knowing which ones are best can make a world of difference in you getting one that will advance your career. Some of the best Microsoft Azure Certifications that you can obtain include:

Architecting Microsoft Azure Certification Solutions

This is a course that will help you to take some of the more complex topics that come with Azure and turn them into easy processes that stakeholders and entrepreneurs can understand. Students will need to have their own version of Microsoft Azure before starting and enough motivation to get the work done.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900

This is a great certification to work on because it will help to validate that you have at least a foundational knowledge about the services offered with Azure. It is a great place for non-technical candidates to start with, showing them how to do such tasks like purchasing, sales, and marketing these cloud services.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

This is the certification you should try if you are working in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This course will ensure that you have the basic knowledge to take both of these topics and implement them with the help of Microsoft Azure, showcasing what you can bring to the table as well.

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

With data becoming so important to each company and the value of it going up all the time, it is important for candidates to be able to demonstrate their own experience in handling the data. Once you receive this certification, you will be able to show your experience with non-relational and relational data while doing this work in Azure.

Microsoft Azure Administrator

This is an associate-level certification that validates your knowledge when it comes to implementing, monitoring, and maintaining the services in Azure. Candidates who work on this one will need to do tasks like computing, storage, networking, and security and it will require two exams.

Azure Administrator Associate Exam

This is an even newer version of the Azure Administrator Exam. The score will not be done right away because Microsoft will take the data and look it over. In this exam, you will be tested on your capabilities when it comes to managing everything in the Azure environment.

Microsoft Azure Developer

This is a good certification for those who would like to design, build, and maintain different cloud services and applications while working with various parts of the cloud. The developers will need to participate in all of the development phases including testing and deployment of the project.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Exam

Candidates who go with this certification need to demonstrate their familiarity with designing, building, and testing the apps and services of Azure. You should also have some experience, usually one to two years, of development experience with a good deal of proficiency in connections and data storage, performance tuning, and debugging.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer

This is a good option for candidates who need to do things with security on Azure. If you are in charge of securing apps, networks, and cloud data. This will showcase your abilities to provide security services to any business you would like to work with.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer

This is another associate-level certification is for those who would like to implement some AI solutions on this service. This means you can showcase your work with Knowledge Mining, Machine Learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition to name a few.

Microsoft Data Scientist

This is a good option to use if you want to learn about the design and implementation of any data science solution. You will need to learn how to apply some of the machine learning approaches that work with Azure in the training, evaluation, and deployment of models and how to use these to solve business problems.

Microsoft Azure Data Engineer

If you want to gain the certification as an Azure Data Engineer at some point, then you will need to pass two associate-level exams known as DP-200 and DP-201.

Microsoft Azure Database Admin Exam

This is a great option for those who want to administer cloud-based database systems for their company. You can then use this to administer and manage relational databases on the cloud and even on-campus of the company.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

This is one of the first advanced certifications. To get it, you will need to pass two exams to show that you know how to create and maintain a whole network on Azure. You may need to handle things like security, virtual networking, data management, and more.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer

This is a good certification for DevOps professionals who will bring their processes and people closer to meeting the business requirements and objectives for Azure. DevOps professionals will need to deliver cloud services for improving communications, design, and strategies for app coding and even create automation.

Getting a certification in any part of Microsoft Azure is one of the best ways to help you to really see results. Whether you want to provide more value to your current job and see an improvement in your wages with a big raise, or you are ready to move on to another job and want to make yourself look better to those who are hiring, getting a certification in Azure will help make this path easier. Take a look at the top 15 Azure certifications and decide which one is the best for you.


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