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Education should always both “be good” and “do good.”

Both for you, and everyone you can touch!

With this in mind, Starweaver has decided that 100% of the revenues from our multimedia elearning courses (>380 in total) will go to a charity of your choice from the list below.  In this way, not only can you learn but you can help others learn, too!

For 2018 and 2019, we have selected the following notable and worthwhile charities to choose from.  At the time of checkout, you will be able to select from one of these charities and 100% of the proceeds (less direct cost of credit card processing which is paid immediately to the credit card processor; typically 2.5-3.0%) will go to that charity.  We will make the donation monthly in total, and as a paid-up subscriber you will have access to reports confirming this your payment to us, and our payment to them!).

To learn more about each charity, click the links below.  The name of the charity will be one of your selections at checkout.

Great Minds in STEM

Be a national leader in keeping America technologically strong by promoting awareness, inspiration, motivation and skills for underserved students to pursue the science.  This organization’s mission is: to inspire and motivate under-served students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); to enlighten and engage families, educators, communities and employers to assist under-served students pursuing STEM careers; to inspire our nation through recognition of the achievements of Hispanics and other role models in STEM; to enable and leverage Hispanic STEM talent to play a leadership role; and, to collaborate and cooperate nationally within the STEM community.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing male, female and minority interest in science, creating a technologically-literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers. These goals are achieved by participating in Science Olympiad tournaments and non-competitive events, incorporating Science Olympiad into classroom curriculum and attending teacher training institutes.

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is an NGO in India directly benefitting over 600,000 children and their families every year, through more than 250 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 950 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India.

Doubtless, education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. But child education cannot be done in isolation. A child will go to school only if the family, particularly the mother, is assured of healthcare and empowered. Moreover, when an elder sibling is relevantly skilled to be employable and begins earning, the journey of empowerment continues beyond the present generation.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (aka Wikipedia)

The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation provides the essential infrastructure for free knowledge. We host Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world, as well as many other vital community projects. We welcome anyone who shares our vision to join us in collecting and sharing knowledge that fully represents human diversity.




Children’s Scholarship Fund

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive, regardless of their family’s income or zip code. The Children’s Scholarship Fund empowers families by providing scholarships to low-income K-8 students nationwide, opening doors to an education that leads to brighter futures.


For more information about our charitable giving, please contact us.