Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin

The best education involves you in experiences that teach you what a challenge is, and possible ways of surmounting that challenge. This is not “rocket science” but rather a simple reality that people (and all other animals) understand by being fully immersed in doing.

~ Paul Siegel


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Build your competencies one at a time


…but, while you build your knowledge, skills and behaviors, we recommend that you do that with a specific “you” in mind.

In the professional world, that “you” is a “Job Role” which is, in turn, a cluster of skills, and a group of competencies.  Employers look at professionals this way, and so should you.

Learning paths are available as vendor-specific learning maps (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services…) or a customized learning map to a specific job role.

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Most technology professionals (and companies that employ them) are wise to construct both, combining:

  1. One or more vendor-specific learning paths, AND
  2. Overlapping customized learning paths designed for the specific work environment, and job requirements.

We have extensive experience working closely with organizations around the world to design customized learning paths for teams of individuals.  These learning paths can be division, team and role-specific.

We have developed proprietary online software and apps that function, in real time, to do the following:

  1. Establish the detailed competency frameworks for roles within an organization (from an existing database of over 1250 competencies);
  2. Provide real-time assessment of the capabilities of individuals within those job roles (including new hires, bench strength…);
  3. Deliver rich reports demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses within a division, team and role;
  4. Generate automated learning plans at an individual, manager, team and division level; and,
  5. Create a budgetary analysis of the impact to the organization of providing those learning plans

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