Internet of Things: A Future Driven By Voice



Ever heard of Canary? Amazon Echo? Virtual Reality? If you answered yes to any of those, then you’ve heard of Internet of Things, and might even have it in the heart of your living room, even if you didn’t know it. Internet of Things (IoT) is the next revolution of our technology age. In its most basic definition, it’s the internetworking of physical every day objects (also referred to as “smart devices”) revolved around machine-to-machine communication. It’s built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors, driving us into a future powered by voice. If you haven’t heard of any of the devices mentioned above, here’s a break down of each of them to give you an idea of the capabilities of IoT.


Canary is the modern world of home security, it’s a complete security system embalmed into a single device connected to the Internet. Over time, it learns and adapts to the “normal activity” of your home. Whenever it detects anything out of the ordinary in your house, it sends notifications with HD video and audio straight to your other every day smart device, your phone. It enables you to stream real-time video of your home, protects it with a motion-activated siren. That’s not all; it also monitors air-quality, temperature and   humidity to help you understand how those factors may impact your well-being.


That’s the power of IoT.


Amazon Echo is yet another home device with numerous capabilities packaged into a small cylinder that lives anywhere from your kitchen, bedroom or living room (or even the bathroom if you want to put it there – we’re not judging here). It’s a hands-free voice controlled by voice. It contains an assistant called Alexa or Echo, whichever you choose; who will perform various tasks and control various systems around your home just by asking. She’ll tell you the weather, the news and traffic updates. She’ll help you create your to-do list, play any song you ask her to, and even turn off your lights and lock your door. The seven-microphones built in the Echo feature noise cancellation and far-distance voice recognition.


That’s the power of IoT.


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