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Experts for coaching and mentoring

Our instructors are also experts with specialized, hands-on competence you can use now.  Whether you need training, coaching, mentoring or consulting expertise, our global network of experts is here to help.


Data Science Model Development

Experts in data science can help you design and develop models, create visualizations, and build data science expertise internally.

On-Prem to Cloud Migration

Migration from on-prem to the cloud is for trained teams or experts. Here we have the best practitioners in AWS, Azure, Firebase/Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and the many services that sit on the cloud.

Penetration Testing

Network security is vital to every organizations, and pen testing and other cybersecurity experts are here to make that a breeze for you.

Snowflake Implementation

Big data tools such as Snowflake are powerful instruments in massive data warehouses. Need experts? We’ve got them.

Design Thinking, Product Development, UI/UX

Whether it is a conceptual framework, a new product, a product roadmap or a new user interface and experience, experts can help coach your team or provide you immediate insights.

Agile Transformation

Agile is employed throughout enterprises, and well beyond the typical IT team. While our experts have extensive experience in IT transformations, they have also helped teams in marketing, operations, legal and other areas.

Network Design

Network infrastructures are constantly changing, and often have grown into tangled webs that are poorly understood and often insecure. Expertise is required to fix this.

Excel Model Development

Excel is a foundational tool for most organizations, yet building powerful Excel models to run your organization more effectively is a challenge. Experts know how to do this with your objectives in mind.

Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership is hard to teach and requires ongoing coaching. Our leadership coaches can help build your staff into effective managers, and your managers into leaders. Providing coaching, mentoring and proven skills.

Sales Coaching

Sales is a never ending challenge, and often sales teams become disheartened. Our network of sales coaches can unstick a stuck sales team, build a good team into a great one, and sustain the excellence of a great team.

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