“Artificial intelligence (AI) is finally bringing a multitude of capabilities to machines which were

long thought to belong exclusively to the human realm: processing natural language or visual

information, recognizing patterns, and decision making.” ~ McKinsey report on “Smartening up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) What’s in it for Germany and its Industrial Sector?”

Innumerable “use cases” exist for the application of AI in manufacturing, including:

  • Product and service improvement use case
  • Manufacturing operations use cases
  • Business process use cases

According to McKinsey, the use of AI relates to the “ability to automate” across a multitude of sectors.























In this webinar…

Praba Santhanakrishnan (a senior and experienced Microsoft executive who is long active in applying AI to the perfection of manufacturing processes in the Microsoft Surface and Xbox) will take you through an understanding of the visual anomaly detection aspects of AI.

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the various types of use cases for AI in manufacturing
  • Distinguish between product and service improvement use cases; manufacturing operations use cases; and, business process use cases
  • Describe the systems and tools used in visual detection
  • Explain some of the key aspects of how Microsoft looks at visual detection in its manufacturing processes.

Come join us for a 1-hour, highly informative session with extensive Q&A so you can ask an expert in the field questions relevant to your needs.

Also, remember to come ready with your questions, as the sessions are always very interactive.