GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets developers work together on projects from anywhere in the world. To demonstrate its power and importance, as of now October 2019 GitHub is the largest code host in the world with 20 million users and more than 57 million repositories. Thanks to Githut we can better visualize the various programming languages being used globally wherein the graphic shows JavaScript accounting for 20% and Python 17% of the languages in use globally.

In this Webinar:

Rod Davison explores the many uses and tools available to developers in Github, and the ways in which the platform can be used by teams to build better software, more quickly and more effectively.

Among the various topics covered, Rod will discuss how to use Github:

  • To create and use a repository
  • To start and manage a new branch
  • To make changes to a file and push them to GitHub as commits
  • To open and merge a pull request
  • To communicate in issues
  • To manage notifications
  • To create branches
  • To make commits
  • To introduce changes with pull requests

About your Instuctor

Rod Davison has been providing customized training and executive development in the high technology field for over 25 years.  His expertise spans the cloud, artificial intelligence / machine learning, agile and project management fields.  He has developed extensive content in a variety of subjects, including for a wide array of online courses. Rod’s recent experience includes delivering various courses on:

  • Advanced Software Design and Development
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, non-linear systems, behavioral economics
  • Research in bioengineering, biological computing
  • Project Management and Project Forensics
  • Corporate training (including Azure, DevOps, AWS…)
  • Development of structured educational methodologies
  • Content developer for courses in a variety of subject and technical areas
  • Market research and social dynamics
  • Data management, quality, design, modeling, analysis and engineering
  • Advanced programming in emerging languages: OO, functional and structured.
  • Software testing and quality
  • Development methodologies (including Agile and Design Thinking)


Come join us for a 1-hour, highly informative session with extensive Q&A so you can ask an expert in the field questions relevant to your needs.

Also, remember to come ready with your questions, as the sessions are always very interactive.