Who We Are

We are a provider leading business and information technology education and platforms to working professionals and leading employers around the world. We are a hard-working, innovative and collaborative team that is committed to improving the way education is consumed. We want to ensure that the best and most compelling content is available, supported by leading instructor-gurus, and managed by an excellent team of instructional designers, program managers and producers, and technologists

We don’t just want to “do a good job.” We want to create memorable learning experiences which truly change the way participants think and work. We want to energize learners so they say: “That was the best learning experience I have ever had.”

What We Do

We comb the World for leading experts and facilitators in their fields. People who are both highly competent in their field of expertise and able to transfer that knowledge, skill and ability to student-delegates in a class. By cultivating and curating this audience of facilitators, we then go out to companies, institutions, government agencies and individuals to open a discussion about what they require to build their capabilities. We bridge the world of expertise and those looking for that expertise, ensuring each and every experience is top notch.

We do what we do not because we “try hard.” We do it because as a team we have done this precise thing thousands of times. We have put smiles on people’s faces, and ensured they are both knowledgeable and confident about what they have learned.