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Microservices Developer Certification Program

60 hours ♦ All levels

Program DescriptionThe Microservices Developer Certification Program arrives at a vital time in the evolution of software development:  microservice are becoming the most common and popular means of developing software where developing large applications where services are grained into chunks as per business domain are essential.  There are numerous benefits to a microservices-oriented approach, which delegates to this program will learn,

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Data Science & Machine Learning – Developer Certification

60 hours ♦ All levels

Program DescriptionThe Data Science & Machine Learning Developer Certification program provides a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills in data science, machine learning, and deep learning.  This immersive training curriculum covers all the key technologies, techniques, principles and practices you need to play a key role on your data science development team, and to distinguish yourself professionally.Beginning with foundational principles

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Understanding Machine Learning For Lawyers

8 hours ♦ All levels

Overview Machine Learning and AI are the next big wave in technology. And yet, one does not have to be a technical expert to understand the inputs and outputs of ML.This course is intended for lawyers, legal support, and IT. Its goal is to explain the capabilities and limitations of ML. No coding is required, but the labs and exercises will

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Leading the IoT Revolution

8 hours ♦ All levels

Overview This IoT Revolution workshop teaches every executive and manager how they can join the IOT revolution and transform their company.The workshop intentionally avoids going too deep into technology; however, it contains a number of labs and team exercises. As a result, the attendants will better understand the IoT: what it is, why it is unavoidable, what payback and business opportunities it offers

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Getting Value From Big Data (Hadoop For Managers And Execs)

8 hours ♦ All levels

Overview This course helps business managers and executives understand how to evaluate business applications, and understand the uses and implementations of Hadoop and other big data tools. AudienceExecutives, IT Managers and investors who want to learn about Hadoop and Big Data Topics covered Brave new world of Big Data, benefits, business opportunities, challenges, technologies, implementation stages Format Interactive seminar followed with Q&A ObjectivesReview Big Data

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An Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its applications

8 hours ♦ All levels

AI is changing the world!  This course introduces Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the industry.This high level course is intended for managers and execs.We will discussThe evolution of AI AI vocabulary and terminology Where is the cutting edge research in AI is What kind of applications enterprises are building leveraging AI Machine Learning and Deep Learning How to

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ELK and X-Pack

32 hours ♦ All levels

Overview ElasticSearch is one of the leading search platforms. With LogStash, added for log collection, and Kibana for the dashboard, it becomes ELK, a popular log collection and analysis tool. The (licensed) X-pack brings together security, monitoring, and machine learning. All together, these components provide a platform for industrial search applications, and all of them are covered in this course.This course

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Data Analytics  With Python / Python for Data Scientists

24 hours ♦ Intermediate

Overview Python has become a powerful language and environment for performing data science.   It combines a robust, object-oriented language with a powerful library of data science packages, such as numpy, scipy, matlibplot, scikit-learn, and pandas.  These tools together make python one of the best combinations of robust programming language together with great library support. What You Will LearnQuick Python primer Quick

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Data Analytics With R

24 hours ♦ Intermediate

Overview R is a very popular, open source environment for statistical computing, data analytics and graphics. This course introduces R programming language to students.  It covers language fundamentals, libraries and advanced data analytics and graphing with real world data.Please note that this is an introductory-intermediate level class. And it is NOT a machine learning class Objective Learn to use R for data analytics What You

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Intro to Deep Learning With BigDL

24 hours ♦ Interediate

Overview The abundance of data and affordable cloud scale has led to an explosion of interest in Deep Learning. Intel has released an excellent library called BigDL to open-source, allowing state-of-the-art machine learning done at scale.This course introduces Deep Learning concepts and BigDL library to students.Why should you use BigDL?  Use BigDL if you want to get the power of Deep

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Intro to Deep Learning With TensorFlow

24 hours ♦ Intermediate

Overview The abundance of data and affordable cloud scale has led to an explosion of interest in Deep Learning. Google has released an excellent library called Tensorflow to open-source, allowing state-of-the-art machine learning done at scale, complete with GPU-based acceleration.This course introduces Deep Learning concepts and Tensorflow library to students.Tired of shallow courses that just show code without explaining what is

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Machine Learning with Sagemaker (AWS)

24hours ♦ Intermediate

Overview Machine Learning (ML) is the killer app for Big Data. Amazon Machine Learning brings the power of ML to a regular programmer and provides ML as a service. However, to use ML effectively, one needs to understand the models used and how to utilize them on Amazon.This course is intended for data scientists and software engineers. It maintains an optimal

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Topical Webinars: Tune up your skills and your mind…

  • When: 12 Nov 2019, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Eastern Time (USA)
    Summary: Many people are most likely heard the term "ITIL," but much less likely to have been involved in the rigorous process of implementing IT best practices to assist in aligning IT services with customer and business needs. As we all know, the theory of IT best practices is easy but the practice is much harder.  Tough questions abound in practical implementation, such as: A.  Why should we implement a framework when what we do doesn't seem to be broken? B.  How can we justify the expense of implementing "best practices" when the wheels are barely sometimes staying on the cart?...

What People Say

Program sponsors, delegates and subject matter experts love what we do.


It has been great delivering training with Starweaver on advanced VoiceXML in the US and overseas for global financial institutions. The program management and curriculum design team very clearly lays out road maps, plans ahead around likely pain points, and rapidly trouble-shoots the inevitable last-minute issues that arise in custom training programs. It is clear that they bend over backwards to ensure that both clients and instructors work have a great working relationship. I have very much enjoyed working with the team and have no doubt their clients and other instructors do, as well.


I have worked with the Starweaver team on various delivering training programs on various frameworks for best practices for delivering IT services. The organization clearly has great client relationships, and a facility for working with subject matter experts (such as me) that is second to none. Clear requirements; excellent coordination and management; and, great client and subject matter rapport. I have found the leadership and program managers to be straight-up and happy to recommend working with the team to any instructor or subject matter expert.


I have worked in the machine learning field for many years and I am very impressed by the quality of ML and AI training that the Starweaver team team delivers. Not only is that training top notch content but it also is delivered in innovative, engaging ways that is out-of-the-box, and way above and beyond the norm. The entire team, up and down the organization, is highly creative, client-centric and driven to produce knowledgeable student-delegates.


Starweaver and I have collaborated on cybersecurity training initiatives for the past three years and have a range of contracts to collaborate on into the future. The work together is excellent and interesting. Beyond that the Starweaver team is very professional and cogent in all of our endeavors. As a result of this, it has provided me the opportunity to connect with top clients and provide customized hands-on training to professionals around the world. The clients Starweaver has are excellent and the management of training they coordinate is exceptional.


A big HUG!!! You guys gave me something to really be passionate about. The machine learning course was powerful and gave me a real sense of how to apply Tensorflow, Keras and other tools on the job. I don’t usually write reviews, but for this course I can say ‘Five Stars’ for the experience and learning.


Starweaver delivered a 6-week artificial intelligence and machine learning course for over 250 people with great results. The content was deep and on target, and I feel that the Starweaver team’s expertise in designing the curriculum and managing its delivery was superb.

R Krish

I have known members of the Starweaver team for many years. They were deeply involved in the competency development of associates in the BFS vertical in Tata Consultancy. The team offered superior training and Thought Leadership programmes with high degree of commitment and professionalism.